Restoration & Repairs

Railing Repairs

Railing Restoration & Concrete Stair Repairs in Seattle WA

Revitalize the look of your iron work by refurbishing what you already have. With our rail refurbishing process, we repair damage from rust, cars, and tree limbs. For rust we remove all rusted parts as well as repair what typically causes the rust by removing 2 inches off the bottom of the post.

Old railings are commonly mounted directly into the cement, the water retained in the cement can penetrate the railings and cause them to rust. Water can then penetrate both the steel and concrete causing more damage with temperature changes. We fix this problem by, replace that 2 inches with a square mounting plate that mounts onto the cement instead of the post going into the cement. We refurbish the broken concrete too.

Bent railings and post damaged by cars or trees are completely cut out and replaced with new materials. With both bent and rust repair jobs we match the existing finish on the rails.